Lever handles have been used for centuries due to their elegant appearance and ease of use. We offer a wide range of styles and finishes, designed to suit every home interior.

Our lever handles are available in sprung and unsprung variants. Sprung handles contain a spring which automatically returns them to their horizontal position after release. They can be used with a standard lock/latch. Unsprung handles don't contain this spring, which means they rely on the lock/latch mechanism to return them to their original position. Because of this, unsprung lever handles need a heavy-duty lock/latch to work properly. They require a stronger, heavy-duty lock to operate. If you’re unsure which type you require, visit our Locks & Latches Guide or get in touch for more information.

This blog explains how to fit a lever latch handle to an existing mortice latch within the frame. These steps can be used as a guide for our other types of lever handles and our door knob sets. 

 A step by step guide on how to fit lever handles to a wooden door.

Above: a step-by-step guide on how to fit a lever handle to a wooden door.


For more information about our lever handles, visit our FAQ section or contact us for expert advice.

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