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Heavy Duty Latch | From The Anvil
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BlackPVD BrassSatin Stainless Steel
Do I need a lock or a latch for my door?

This depends on what you’re using your door for. For non-locking, internal doors, a latch will suffice. For external doors, you’ll need a lock to provide security. Please see our other FAQs for more guidance.

What type of door latch do I need?

This depends on your handle type. For a sprung lever handle, a standard latch will suffice. For unsprung lever handles or unsprung knob sets (which all of our knob sets are), we recommend a heavy-duty latch which contains a stronger spring mechanism to help return the handle to its original horizontal position. For a lever on rose handle, or for a knob set, a horizontal latch can be used.

What type of lock do I need?

This depends on where you’re using it and which type of handle you have. For a sprung lever handle, a standard sash lock will suffice, but for our unsprung lever handles, you’ll need a heavy-duty sash lock to help return the lever to its horizontal position. On bathroom doors with a sprung lever handle, a standard lock should be suitable, and for bathroom doors with an unsprung lever handle, a heavy-duty bathroom look will be required. Either a standard or heavy-duty bathroom lock should be suitable for a knob set and thumbturn on a bathroom door. For external doors with a centre door knob or cylinder pull, a stand-alone deadlock can be used.