We try to provide all the bits and bobs you'll need for your project, from door closers and curtain furniture to electrical switches & sockets. We also have plenty of spares and replacements in case you lose something important!


Can I purchase spares for my product?

If you lose or break a piece of your product, you should be able to purchase a replacement from the Spares & Accessories section of our website. If you can't find the piece you're looking for, get in touch with us and we should be able to find you a replacement!

Can I purchase extra screws and bolts?

Absolutely! All of the fixings (screws and bolts) that we supply with our products can also be purchased separately. If you're unsure exactly which parts you need, see the technical drawing or the item description for the product, and it should give you some guidance. If you're still unsure, get in touch with us and we'll help you figure it out!

How can I stop my screws/bolts from rusting?

If your screws/bolts keep rusting, it suggests there are harsh environmental conditions, such as high levels of atmospheric salt, damp, or pollution (or you may have simply used them in a damp room like a kitchen or bathroom).

In these areas, we recommend using Stainless Steel (SS) screws and bolts only. Occasionally wiping an oily cloth over these products can help provide further protection to prolong the lifespan of your screws and bolts.

What is Brasso and do I need to use it?

Brasso is a type of metal polish which is used to restore the shine of unlacquered metals.

Brasso can be used to restore the bright shine of our Aged and Polished brass products. Just use a small amount on a soft, dry cloth and buff it gently onto the surface of the product.

We don't recommend using Brasso for any of our other finishes. Read the care & maintenance advice below the product for more information.

What type of hand-crafted nail do I need?

This depends on your requirements! Our Rosehead nails have a distinctive shape which makes them ideal for fixing floorboards and ledge & brace doors, where the nails can be bent over to hold everything in place. The other types of nails we offer have many uses around the home, from fixing dining tables to hanging coats and hats.

How many nails are in a kilo bag?

This depends entirely on which size nails your purchasing, but you can find the approximate quantity for a specific type by reading the information on its product page. Simply put, the smaller the nails, the more you’ll receive.

Can I use Rosehead nails externally?

In theory, yes, although they may stain the wood surrounding them. The black oxide coating applied to our Rosehead nails is designed to protect them against rust, but unless a product is made from stainless steel, we can’t guarantee it won’t corrode in damp external environments.

Can I use Rosehead nails in any type of wood?

Yes, you can, but please be aware that their Black coating may stain certain types of wood if used externally. Also, you may have to drill a pilot hole before using them in hardwood.

What is Maintenance Wax and when do I need to apply it?

From The Anvil's Maintenance Wax is used as an extra layer of protection for our Beeswax, External Beeswax, Rosewood, and Ebony products.

Maintenance Wax should only be applied to the finishes stated above every few weeks or so (you can choose to do this more or less regularly depending on the environmental conditions your products are fitted in).

Apply Maintenance Wax using a soft (preferably microfibre) dry cloth.

What's a spring unit cassette and how do I fit one?

A Spring Unit Cassette is used to strengthen an existing lock/latch to help it return the lever/knob to its resting position. To fit the cassette, you must remove the handle/knob so that the cassette can be placed over the spindle and morticed in so it fits flush with the surface of the door behind the handle/knob.