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How many nails are in a kilo bag?

Our nails are sold in weights rather than amounts, which means that the amount of nails may vary from bag to bag. The smaller the size of the nails, the more you'll receive in a 1kg bag. You can find the approximate quantity for a specific type of nail by reading the information on its product page.

What can I use your nails for?

Our Handmade and Rosehead nails are ideal for fixing floor boards and enhancing ledge and brace doors or other wooden features.

Our Pyramid door studs are designed primarily for enhancing ledge and brace doors but you can use them for any purpose you desire.

Are your studs and nails suitable for all wood types?

Yes! Our nails and door studs can be fitted directly into soft woods, but for harder woods we recommend drilling pilot holes before fitting.

Also, please be aware that some types of wood may become stained by our handmade nails/studs if used externally.