Replacing the handle on a uPVC door can sound like a complicated task but it's actually a very quick and simple way to update your door.

We created this blog to answer some of your most frequently asked questions and explain how you can replace a door handle on a uPVC door.


What is a uPVC door?

A uPVC door is simply a door with a steel frame core surrounded by an unplasticized polyvinyl chloride (uPVC) coating. Because of their steel core, these types of doors are incredibly strong but the uPVC coating gives them a matt plastic finish which can be customised in a range of different colours and styles. uPVC doors are usually fitted with multipoint locks which lock the door at multiple points along the frame. Because of this, they offer excellent security which makes them ideal for exterior entrance and exit doors.


Why should I change my door handles?

There are many reasons to change your door handles. If your door handles have worn over time, broken, or don't suit your interior then it may be time to update your door handles. 

While often overlooked, a high quality door handle can completely transform both the look and feel of a door. When you spend so much time and energy choosing the perfect door, it's only logical to choose handles and hardware that complement its aesthetic.


Is it easy to replace uPVC door handles?

Replacing an existing set of uPVC door handles with a new set of handles is a relatively simple task. The most difficult step is measuring your handles correctly and ensuring you choose replacement handles with the same measurements. Once you've done this, changing the handles is very easy.

However, if you want to fit handles to a uPVC door which doesn't already have handles, the process is more difficult as you'll have to drill holes through the door. We advise consulting a professional for this where possible.


What handles do I need for a uPVC door?

Because most uPVC doors are fitted with a multipoint lock, they usually require a lever espag. door handle. If your door requires locking, it can be fitted with a lever espag. lock set in conjunction with a euro cylinder and multipoint lock, but if it doesn't require locking you can use a lever espag. latch set instead.

Lever espag. handles are slimmer and longer than standard door handles to suit the style of uPVC doors.


Are lever espag. lock door handles insurance rated?

Policies vary amongst different insurers, but whether a door is insurance-rated or not is highly dependent on its lock. Most lever espag. door handles are fitted with multipoint locks; because these secure the door at several points along the frame, they offer a high level of security and are generally highly rated by insurance policies. However, make sure you check the details of your insurance policy to ensure you find a product that meets your requirements.


How do I find the correct size door handles?

To find the correct size door handles for your uPVC door there are several measurements you need:

PZ measurement (A) - the distance between the centre of the keyhole and the centre of the lever.

Backplate fixing centres (B) - the distance beween the centres of the two screws.

Lever centres (C) - the distance between the centre of the upper screw and the centre of the lever.

Diagram of an espag. lever door handle with labels pointing to different measurements A, B, and C.
Above: a diagram showing the PZ measurement (A), backplate fixing centres (B), and lever centres (C).

Use a tape measure to find these measurements and make a note of them in millimetres (this is the unit we use to measure our products so it will be easier for you to compare). 

Also ensure that your measurements are taken from the midpoint of each screw (i.e. at the cross in the centre).

Once you've recorded your measurements, you can use them to find a new lever door handle with the same measurements. You can check the measurements of any of our door handles using the technical drawing on the product page.


Tools needed to replace a uPVC door handle

  • Screwdriver
  • Tape measure
  • Door handles with the same measurements as your existing door handles
  • Spindles
  • SS bolt through fixings


How to replace a uPVC door handle

  1. Use a tape measure to measure the three distances described above (PZ measurement, backplate fixing centres, and lever centres). Use these measurements to find replacement handles with the same measurements. If you can't find a handle with the same measurements, we advise getting in touch with a local tradesperson who will be able to advise you further.
  2. Use a screwdriver to loosen the screws at the top and bottom of the backplate of your existing handles. Once these have been taken out, you should be able to gently remove your handles from the door. Make sure you also remove the spindle and any other screws or fixings.
  3.  Take the spindle from your new lever espag. door handle set and insert it into one of your new lever espag. door handles.
  4. Then, with the door handle still attached to the spindle, insert the spindle through the door in the same position as the original handle. You can then slide the second handle onto the spindle on the opposite side of the door. 
  5. Use a screwdriver to fit the SS bolt through fixings provided with the handle. Ensure these fittings are tight enough to keep the handle in place but not too tight in case it needs adjusting. In the ideal position, the lever should be at a 90 degree angle at rest, facing away from the edge of the door and pointing towards the hinges. The handle should also sit comfortably over the cylinder.
  6. Test the functionality of your new door handle by lifting the lever up and down, ensuring it operates the lock mechanism properly.

If you're confused by any of these steps, either consult a professional or get in touch with us for some free advice!


How to choose an espag. lever door handle

There are so many beautiful espag. lever door handles on the market that it can feel overwhelming trying to choose just one. To try and make that decision just a little simpler, we've picked out 5 of our favourite espag. lever door handles below...

  1. Newbury. The Newbury design is sleek, simple, and elegant. It's a versatile choice for all styles, suiting both contemporary and period properties alike.
  2. Art Deco. For lovers of the dramatic, Art Deco is the perfect choice. Inspired by the Art Deco era of the 1900s, the geometric backplate creates a bold statement on any door.
  3. Avon. One of From The Anvil's signature designs, the Avon espag. lever door handle is loved for its timeless simplicity and symmetrical shape. Ideal for traditional properties.
  4. Brompton. With a knurled handle and intricate diamond detailing, the Brompton espag. lever door handle works wonderfully in both industrial and modern settings.
  5. Reeded. The ornate reeded details of this lever handle are based on traditional designs and are best suited to historic properties and period dwellings.


Different styles of espag. lever door handles (Newbury, Art Deco, Avon, Brompton & Reeded).
Above: some of From The Anvil's most popular styles of espag. lever lock door handles.

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