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How many mounting brackets do I need for my curtain pole?

For our standard curtain poles, we advise using at least two mounting brackets, though you may need more for heavier curtains. If you have two or more poles joined together, you’ll also need an additional mounting bracket at every join for extra support.

How many curtain rings do I need?

This depends on your length of curtain pole. We advise using around 4 rings for every 300mm of pole, i.e., 12-13 rings for a 1m pole, 20 rings for a 1.5m pole, and about 26 rings for a 2m pole.

What should I do if I need a different sized pole?

If your curtain poles are too long for your liking, you can easily cut them down to the length you desire using a good quality metal saw. Just be careful of any sharp pieces of metal afterwards, and always file down the ends to ensure they’re smooth.

If you want a longer curtain pole than those we provide, you can easily join two together using a joining bar. This is available to purchase in the “Accessories” section of our website. A joining bar can be glued in and will need to be supported by an extra mounting bracket to account for the extra weight. We recommend placing the joining bar in the middle of the two poles, so it doesn’t get in the way of the curtains and also helps hide the join.