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With our stunning Home & Garden collection you can bring beauty into every area of your home. Created with durability in mind, each of these items are designed to last.


Are your plant pots suitable for external use?

Due to their strong anti-corrosive properties, our largest size Stainless Steel plant pots come with drainage holes and are suitable for external use.

Our Brass and Copper plant pots can also be used outdoors, but please be aware that they are unlacquered, meaning their finishes will tarnish and age naturally over time to develop a beautiful patina. Also, any plant pots used externally require a drainage hole to protect the plant from overwatering.

Do your plant pots include a drainage hole?

Some of our Grade 316 Stainless Steel plant pots are available with and without a drainage holes – ensure you’ve selected the correct one before purchasing.

Our Brass, Copper and Nickel plant pots are not manufactured with drainage holes as they’re intended for internal use. If you’d like one of these pots with a drainage hole included, please get in touch with us.

Do I need a drainage hole on my plant pot?

This depends on where your plant pot will be located. For external plants, you’ll need a pot with a drainage hole to allow excess rainwater to filter through and prevent the plant from drowning.

For indoor plants, you won’t want a drainage hole to avoid water leaking onto your surfaces.

For plants which may be moved indoors and outdoors, opt for a pot with a drainage hole, but remember to use a saucer or tray underneath it to catch excess water indoors.

What are your plant pots made of?

All our plant pots are crafted from the finest grade metals as follows.

  • Polished & Satin Stainless Steel: Marine 316 Grade Stainless Steel
  • Smooth Brass & Nickel: solid Brass
  • Smooth Copper: solid Copper
How do I clean my plant pot?

This depends on its finish. For Stainless Steel plant pots, use a soft, clean cloth and mild soapy water and gently rub it over the surface of the product in a circular motion. Do this from time to time to prevent an unnecessary build-up of pollutants.

For our Smooth Brass, Copper, and Nickel plant pots, avoid using any form of chemical cleaner. Instead, use a soft, dry cloth and lightly buff the surface in circular motions to remove any smear marks.

How many pairs of shoes do your boot racks hold?

We currently offer two different sized boot racks. Our smaller version has 8 boot support uprights which means it can hold up to 4 pairs of boots, and our larger version has 12 support uprights meaning it can hold up to 6 pairs of boots.

Are your boot racks suitable for external use?

All our boot racks are hand-crafted from a durable base of mild steel which makes them suitable for outdoor use. These products are relatively low maintenance, but occasionally wiping them with an oily cloth will aid protection against environmental elements.

How will my Home & Garden product arrive?

All of the products in our Home & Garden range will arrive fully assembled, with the exception of the boot racks that arrive flat packed. To assemble, you will simply have to screw the support uprights to the base of your boot rack and it’s ready for use.

What’s included in a companion set?

Each companion set includes a selection of durable tools including tongs, a poker, a brush, and a shovel, completed with a sturdy stand to keep them tidy and organised.

Are your companion sets heat resistant?

The mild steel components are very robust, therefore when used properly, these products should maintain their original appearance for years to come.

Are your log holders suitable for external use?

All our log holders are hand-crafted from a durable base of mild steel which makes them suitable for outdoor use. These products are relatively low maintenance, but occasionally wiping them with an oily cloth will aid protection against environmental elements.

What are your sinks made of?

Our Nickel sinks are made from solid brass and plated in nickel. Our Copper and Brass sinks are made of solid Copper and Brass respectively and coated in a clear, environmentally friendly, electrophoretic lacquer.

How do I clean my sink?

Due to the polished nature of our sinks, we advise against using any sort of chemical cleaner. Rough scrubbing sponges and abrasive tools may also erode the finish of your sink. Instead, use a damp, soft cloth and lightly buff the surface to remove any marks. For tough stains, try dipping a sponge in white vinegar and gently scrub the area.

Are your sinks suitable for use with hard/softwater?

Our sinks can be used in both soft and hard water areas, but ensure you follow the proper care instructions to keep your sink looking its best.

Will harsh chemicals damage my sink?

Yes, harsh chemicals may damage the beautiful finish of your sink. Please avoid using drain cleaners, bleach, acidic detergents and other harsh chemicals. Keep your sink clean by gently rubbing with a damp, soft cloth.

How do I install my sink?

We don’t recommend attempting to install your sink yourself unless you’re an experienced plumber. We would recommend seeking installation advice from a professional.

Will my sink tarnish over time?

If properly cared for, no, your sink should not tarnish or change in appearance over time. Just be sure to follow the care & maintenance advice included on the product page of your sink!