What is a Night Latch?

Traditional night latches are often found on the exterior doors of period properties. When the door closes, the night latch automatically engages with a keep on the door frame to lock the door. 

From the outside, a key is used to unlock the door, and from the inside, it's operated with a turn lever or in some instances a snib button. A snib button engages a deadlock mechanism to provide additional overnight security - when the snib is engaged, the key cannot unlock the door from the outside.

Exploded diagram of a night latch with each part of the product explained.

Components Explained

Night Latch -  night latches are usually surface fitted to the internal side of a front door. They're simple to fit to a variety of door thicknesses for extra security.

Rim Cylinder - fits securely into the night latch. Brass rim cylinders are included in our standard night latch sets, with the option to choose a Black finish for a more cohesive look.

Cylinder Collar - designed to tidy up the appearance of the cylinder and to aid in weather-proofing your door.

Tail-piece/Cylinder/Cam Bar - connects to and operates the night latch. Has an adjustable bar with notch marks which allows it to be cut to length.

Key - our night latch sets includes 2 or 3 Polished Nickel keys. Choose between keyed alike and keyed to differ variants.

Keep/Receiver/Strike Plate - surface fitted to the door frame, the keep provides the night latch with a secure fixing to close into.

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