What are Horizontal Latches?

Horizontal latches are a type of latch that's often found in Period properties and used in conjunction with a door knob. These are one of the largest types of latches available and their great size helps create plenty of distance between the handle and the edge of the door.

An exploded diagram of a horizontal mortice latch and Pewter octagonal door knob set with arrows pointing to and explaining the function of each part.

Components Explained

Unsprung Knob Set - much like the name suggests, our unsprung knob sets do not contain a spring. This means that they rely on the spring within the latch to return them to their original position. Our unsprung door knobs work with a threaded spindle, which is included in the set, and is fixed in place using a grub screw.

Standard Horizontal Mortice Latch - designed for use with any of our knob sets or sprung lever on rose handles. This type of lock is mortised into the door and fixed in place with several screws.

Threaded Spindle - a standard split threaded spindle designed for doors with a maximum thickness of 44mm. However, if you have a thicker door which needs accommodating, please feel free to get in touch with us and we'll supply you with a longer spindle.

Receiver Plate - this but important feature is screw fixed to the door frame where it provides a secure space for the latch to close into.

Wood Screw Fixings - all he required screws are supplied with your product to allow easy fitting to your door frame.

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