What is a Tubular Mortice Latch?

A tubular mortice latch is a small mechanism used to hold doors closed without locking them. This is commonly used on internal doors which don't require locking (e.g. kitchens, living rooms, hallway doors).

These types of latches are morticed, meaning they're fitted within the door rather than fixed to the surface. 

Exploded diagram of a heavy duty tubular mortice latch with explanations of each part. Used with a Black Monkeytail lever handle.

Components Explained

Unsprung Lever Handles - our unsprung lever handles are not equipped with a spring inside their boss. Because of this, they must be used in conjunction with a heavy duty latch to ensure there is a strong enough mechanism to return the handle to its horizontal position.

Heavy Duty Tubular Mortice Latch - designed for use with any of our unsprung lever handles or door knobs. This type of latch is mortised into the door and screw fixed in.

Split Spindle - a standard split spindle for use on doors with a maximum thickness of 44mm. We are also able to accommodate thicker doors using a longer spindle - please get in contact with us for more information.

Receiver Plate - screw fixed to the door frame where it receives the latch.

Wood Screw Fixings - supplied with matching wood screw fixings.

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