What are Bathroom Locks?

Bathroom locks are locks which are specifically designed for bathrooms. They consist of a thumbturn on one side which is used to lock and unlock the door via a thumbturn spindle within the handle, with a coin and release thumbturn on the opposite side which allows the door to be unlocked with a coin in an emergency.

Our bathroom on backplate lever sets are equipped with a fixed thumbturn, whereas our door knobs and lever on rose handles are not, meaning you'll need to purchase a thumbturn separately.

Diagram of a heavy duty bathroom lock and pair of Black Monkeytail lever door handles with text explaining the function of each component.

Components Explained

Heavy Duty Bathroom Lock - designed to be used with any of our unsprung knob sets, these locks are mortised into the door and screw fixed in.

Unsprung Lever Handle - our unsprung lever handles do not have a spring incorporated in their design. This means that they must be used in conjunction with a heavy duty lock or latch which contains a strong enough spring to return the handle to its resting position, like the example shown in the diagram above.

Thumbturn Spindle - all our thumbturns are equipped with a standard 5mm spindle which operates the lock, allowing it to be used from the internal side of the door.

Split Spindle - a standard split spindle for use on doors with a maximum thickness of 44mm. However, if you would like to use this product on a door which exceeds 44mm thickness, please let us know and we can offer you a longer spindle.

Thumbturn - most commonly used on bathroom doors, the thumbturn allows the door to be easily locked and unlocked from the inside. On the exterior side there is a coin and release slot which enables the door to be unlocked via a coin in case of an emergency.

Receiver Plate - this small piece of metal is screw fixed to the door frame to provide a slot for the lock & latch to fit into.

Wood Screw Fixings - our products are supplied with matching wood screw fixings to enable you to fit them in your property.

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