What are Marine (316) Polished and Satin Stainless Steel?

Polished SS and Satin SS are two of From The Anvil's most durable finishes and are physically very similar to one another. Both are crafted from grade 316 marine stainless steel. This metal is made with high concentrations of chromium and nickel which give it extreme corrosion-resistant properties and explain why it's so frequently used in medical devices and marine applications. 

Marine SS is therefore an excellent choice for coastal locations and city environments with high atmospheric pollution. Where other metals may degrade with exposure to harsh environmental conditions, the beauty of marine stainless steel will last for years to come.

Unlike most stainless steel products, From The Anvil's Marine Stainless Steel hardware is hand forged using a technique which was never thought to be possible until recently.

While both Polished and Satin Stainless steel are equally impressive, there are several key differences between them which we'll outline below.


A white marble countertop with sand laid out in a wave pattern. On the sand is From The Anvil's Polished SS Newbury slimline lever lock handle, Satin SS Newbury lever on rose door handle, and a Ring door knocker. The image is split down the middle (vertically) - on the left side is the Polished SS hardware, and on the right side is the Satin SS hardware. The Ring door knocker is crossed by this line, so it is half Polished SS and half Satin SS.

Above: a comparison of From The Anvil's Polished Marine Stainless Steel and Satin Marine Stainless Steel, featuring their Newbury Slimline lever espag. handle, Ring door knocker, and Newbury lever on rose.



Polished Marine SS (316)

Put simply, Polished Marine SS is timeless. It's bright and bold which enables it to instantly freshen any space. Thanks to its high-sheen, this finish reflects the light to illuminate its surroundings, making it well-suited to a variety of colour schemes.

While Polished Marine SS is incredibly versatile, it looks most natural in contemporary aesthetics where it may be highlighted by cool shades of blue, purple, or grey. The shine of this finish pairs well with more matt materials like raw wood, stone, and woven fabrics. 


 A moodboard of From The Anvil's Polished Stainless Steel hardware (including cabinet pull handles, cabinet knobs, and t-bar handles) featuring samples of grey stone, natural wood, lavender flowers, woven blue fabric, and a white rounded-square, all arranged on an off-white background.

Above: a moodboard of From The Anvil's Brompton cabinet furniture in Polished Marine Stainless Steel.


Satin Marine SS (316)

Satin Marine SS is the definition of elegance. A low-sheen alternative to Polished SS, this finish has a frosted surface which gives it a sense of softness. Satin Marine products have a warm hue which accentuate their surroundings without overpowering them.

This finish looks fantastic in contemporary properties, but can also be used to bring a modern twist to more traditional styles of homes. We recommend pairing Satin Marine SS with organic materials where possible, like jute, unfinished wood, slate, and terracotta. Colours like pale blue, navy, and green coordinate well with this finish.


A moodboard of From The Anvil's Satin Marine Stainless Steel knurled Brompton hardware including knurled cabinet knobs, pull handles, and T-bars. The hardware is aesthetically placed on blue tiles, pieces of slate, and unfinished wood. Eucalyptus leaves and jute rope have been added as props.

Above: a moodboard of From The Anvil's knurled Brompton cabinet furniture in Satin Marine Stainless Steel.


Both Polished and Satin Marine Stainless Steel are stunning finishes, and an excellent choice for those living in coastal towns or heavily polluted cities.

With our full offering of From The Anvil's range of Marine Stainless Steel products, you can furnish your entire property with beautiful, corrosion-resistant hardware in matching styles.

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