Bronze is one of From The Anvil's most luxurious finishes. In this blog, we explore the history of bronze, how bronze products are made, and how to style Aged Bronze hardware in your home... 


White background moodboard of From The Anvil's Aged Bronze T-bar cabinet handles, cabinet knobs, and pull handles, with brown tiles, a scoop full of coffee beans, a green jug, and a dried plant scattered around as props.

Above: a moodboard featuring From The Anvil's Aged Bronze cabinet hardware, including a Kelso T-Bar, Kelso pull handle, and Brompton cabinet knob.

The History of Bronze

Bronze has been used historically for thousands of years, with roots dating as far back as 4500BCE. Bronze is a strong, metal alloy containing 85-95% copper mixed with other substances such as tin or arsenic.

The replacement of stone tools with bronze was a gamechanger for our ancestors, and marked the beginning of the Bronze Age, an era which lasted from 3500BC to 1200BC. Bronze tools were stronger, more durable, and the forging process allowed them to be cast into intricate shapes. 


From The Anvil's Aged Bronze Hinton lever lock handle on a sage green patio door against a red brick wall, with a grey outdoor lounge chair.

Above: From The Anvil's Aged Bronze Hinton lever lock set used on an exterior patio door.


From The Anvil's Aged Bronze

In the present day, From The Anvil continues to use traditional manufacturing techniques combined with modern technologies to create their exquisite range of bronze ironmongery.

Aged Bronze is one of their most beloved finishes and is created using a complex ageing process which makes the metal rich and dark. A robust matt lacquer is applied during the final stages of manufacturing to preserve these distinctive tones.

From The Anvil offers a wide selection of products in Aged Bronze, including their Art Deco, Beehive, and Hinton collections.


A moodboard with a pale pink background, featuring From The Anvil's Hammered cabinet knobs and drawer pulls, a pink pot of paint, a wooden honey scoop, green leaves, Little Greene black and pink paint swatches, and a white marble slab.

Above: a pale pink and black moodboard featuring From The Anvil's Aged Bronze Hammered cabinet furniture, including their Mushroom cabinet knob and Art Deco drawer pull.


Why Choose Aged Bronze Hardware? 

Aged Bronze is a consistent best-seller, and it's not hard to see why. Its elegant appearance will instantly elevate any space, while its hardwearing nature will ensure it lasts for years to come. Aged Bronze hardware is suitable for both interior and exterior use, enabling complete coordination throughout your property.

From The Anvil's Brompton suite is an excellent example of this, included Aged Bronze door handles, window hardware, cabinet furniture, and more.


From The Anvil's Aged Bronze locking Hinton window fastener and window stay on a white uPVC window frame in a chic utility room with beige panelled walls and wicker baskets.

Above: From The Anvil's Aged Bronze Hinton locking window fastener and matching window stay used in a chic utility room.


Aged Bronze products are great for family homes, commercial properties, and other high-traffic spaces thanks to their low maintenance nature. Aged Bronze hardware requires minimal effort with no cleaning products required. If desired, an oily cloth can be wiped over the surface from time to time to aid protection against environmental elements. 

Moving parts can also be oiled with From The Anvil's 3-in-1 Oil to prolong their lifespan.


From The Anvil's Aged Bronze Hinton lever handle lock set with matching window stay, fastener, and door bolts, on a sage green door in a living room with neutral walls, a dark grey chair with a beige cushion, a large table lamp, and three glass ceiling pendants, and a potted plant blurred in the foreground.

Above: From The Anvil's Hinton suite in Aged Bronze, featuring their window stays, window fasteners, lever lock door handle, and a matching Aged Bronze universal bolt.

How to Style Aged Bronze Hardware

Aged Bronze hardware has a timeless beauty which brings a sense of sophistication to any property. Whether your aesthetic is Contemporary, Cottage Charm, or New Rustic, Aged Bronze will be an excellent addition to your home.

Aged Bronze stands out against pale shades like sage green, baby blue, and pale pink and also creates an eye-catching juxtaposition when used against crisp white.


From The Anvil's Aged Bronze Beehive cabinet knob on a muted white cabinet door.

Above: From The Anvil's Aged Bronze Beehive cabinet knob on a muted white cabinet.


Alternatively, Aged Bronze can be paired with moodier colours, like a navy blue or slate grey, to give a more subdued look as in Period properties and stately homes. Or, try pairing Aged Bronze Hardware with painted timber and smooth stone floors for a contemporary look.

 A moodboard of From The Anvil's Aged Bronze hardware (lever door handle, window stay, window fastener, coat hook, sash window hardware) on a grey background with a pale green paint sample, white slabs of marble, and leaves scattered around.

Above: a moodboard featuring From The Anvil's Aged Bronze Reeded lever door handle, coat hook, Reeded window fastener, Prestbury sash hook fastener, and Newbury window stay.


If you're after hardware that's as aesthetically pleasing as it is durable, Aged Bronze is a fantastic choice. 

Discover the full collection of From The Anvil's Aged Bronze hardware here, or head back to our blog section to learn about more finishes!

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