From The Anvil manufactures products in more than 20 distinctive finishes, with Pewter Patina being one of the most traditional choices, and a customer favourite! 

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What is Pewter?

Pewter products are hand forged from steel, which is a strong alloy of iron, carbon, and trace amounts of other elements. This combination of materials provides a durable base which undergoes various manufacturing techniques to create the distinctive, textured appearance of Pewter.


Pewter Arrow Head T hinge on a hot anvil
Above: From The Anvil's Pewter Arrow Head hinges on a traditional anvil.

What are the Benefits of Pewter?

Aside from it's stunning appearance, there are many reasons you may choose Pewter hardware. These products are...

  • Incredibly hard-wearing with enough mechanical strength to last for years to come.
  • Suitable for use in all areas of the home including bathrooms, kitchens, and outdoors.
  • Low maintenance, requiring very little upkeep.
  • Available across door, window, and cabinet hardware alongside matching home and gardenware.

Pewter Shepherd's Crook window stay on a white window frame
Above: From The Anvil's Pewter Shepherd's Crook window stay.

How to Clean Pewter Hardware?

On the whole, Pewter hardware doesn't need much to keep it looking its best but there are a few steps you can take to help. Firstly, we recommend oiling any and all moving parts during initial installation to increase the mechanical lifespan of your product. This process can be repeated every so often to ensure all parts operate smoothly.

For Pewter hardware used in damper environments (like bathrooms, kitchens and outdoors), an oily cloth can be used to occasionally wipe over the surface of the product to aid protection against environmental elements.


Oak frame bedroom with oak doors with Pewter lever door handles

Above: From The Anvil's Pewter Monkeytail bathroom lever door handle and Pewter Avon Slimline lever espag. lock door handle.


How to Style Pewter Hardware?

Pewter has a rich, earthy appearance which pairs well with a wide variety of styles. Often, Pewter is seen in rustic interiors like farmhouses and country cottages alongside natural materials including oak, brick, and stone. In these properties, Pewter often makes an appearance on ledge & brace doors and timber windows in the form of T hinges, thumblatches, and window stays.

However, due to the versatile nature of this finish it can also be used in modern and contemporary settings where it's complemented by soft colours such as blue, pink, cream, and green. In these types of properties, Pewter door handles, cabinet knobs, and drawer pulls are popular choices.


Pewter Penny End T hinges and thumblatch on a wooden ledge and brace door

Above: From The Anvil's Pewter Penny End T hinge and matching Bean thumblatch.


Our Favourite Pewter Products

We love all of From The Anvil's Pewter products but we've picked a few of our favourites to highlight below...

From The Anvil's Pewter products including a Penny End T hinge, Avon lever door handle, Arc fireside companion set, Regency drawer pull, and Twist cabinet knob

Penny End T Hinges

T hinges are a staple choice for traditional ledge & brace doors, offering both structural support and an authentic design. The rounded Penny End of these T hinges help soften the look of the door and are the perfect pairing for our Bean thumblatches.

Avon Lever Handle

Hand-hammered by skilled artisans, the symmetrical shape of this lever handle is as ergonomic as it is eye-catching. The Avon lever handle is available as a lever lock, euro lock, latch, and bathroom handle, as well as an espag. lock and latch handle which have slimmer backplates suited to multipoint locking doors.


Arc Companion Set

The ideal fireside companion set equipped with all the tools needed to maintain your fire including a shovel, tongs, brush, and poker all located in an elegant, arched stand.

Pewter Arc fireside companion set


Regency Drawer Pull

The simplistic design of this handle helps accentuate the rich hues of From The Anvil's Pewter finish. These pulls work wonderfully on kitchen, bathroom, and living room drawers.

Painted grey kitchen cupboards and drawers with Pewter Regency drawer pulls


Twist Cabinet Knob

The traditional design of these cabinet knobs are best suited to period properties where an ornate look is desired.

Pewter Twist cabinet knob on a dark blue cabinet

Shop the full range of From The Anvil's Pewter hardware, homeware and accessories here!

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