If you think there's only one way to use your hardware, think again!

We offer From The Anvil's entire collection of high-quality hardware and accessories, ranging from curtain poles and cabinet knobs to door handles and coat hooks. In this blog, we look at some alternative ways to use these products to create interest in your home...


Most homes have curtain rods which are used to hang curtains above a window, but why not convert your windowsill into an indoor greenhouse by using them to hang plants instead? Your plants will live in a lovely, sunny spot warmed by the sun, providing the perfect conditions for growth. From The Anvil's curtain poles are an excellent choice for this as they're forged from solid steel, giving them the strength to hold a whole lot of potted plants! Consider using sturdy 'S' hooks to support your plants, or experiment with macrame hangers like the ones used below. Complete the look with a pair of decorative finials, like From The Anvil's Pewter Leaf finials in the image below.

Spider plant in a ceramic pot hung on a macrame plant hanger on a Beeswax curtain pole with From The Anvil's Beeswax Leaf curtain finials.

Above: From The Anvil's Beeswax curtain pole and matching Leaf finials used to hang potted plants.


Learn more about finials and curtain poles in our How to Hang Curtain Hardware blog.

From The Anvil offers a vast variety of curtain finials, from the simplistic Ball range to the sophisticated Shepherd's Crook design. Many of these styles are intentionally designed to match From The Anvil's existing collections of door, window, and cabinet hardware to enable complete coordination throughout your home. What many people don't realise is that the ends of these curtain finials are the exact same size as the standard end caps supplied with Pull Handles. This means you can swap out your standard end caps for complementary curtain finials for a truly unique look! From The Anvil's Hammered Ball finials are a great example and look even better when paired with Hammered Mushroom cabinet knobs and matching window hardware.

From The Anvil Black pull handle with standard end caps (left) vs. From The Anvil Black pull handle with Hammered Ball curtain finial end caps on a wooden door.

Above: From The Anvil's Black pull handle with standard end caps (left) vs. end caps replaced with Black Hammered Ball curtain finials (right).


Large pull handles are often found on fridges, modern entrance doors, and in commercial properties. But did you know that large pull handles are also wonderfully useful in bathrooms? By fitting a handle horizontally rather than vertically, it can function as a towel rail, supporting several towels at a time. This idea is as practical as it is aesthetically pleasing, and can be continued into the kitchen where a smaller pull handle can be used as a dish-cloth holder. 

From The Anvil's T bar pull handles are forged from Stainless Steel which offers unrivalled resistance against damp environments, making them ideal for use in bathrooms and kitchens alike. Choose between Matt Black, Polished, or Satin Stainless Steel to add a contemporary flair to your space!

From The Anvil's Polished Stainless Steel T bar pull handle fitted horizontally to a bathroom wall to act as a towel holder. Green monstera plant in the foreground.

Above: From The Anvil's Polished Marine Stainless Steel T Bar pull handle fitted horizontally to a bathroom wall to serve as a towel holder.


Sometimes, the simplest ideas are the best, like how these Cup Hooks have been reimagined to create an art wall. This piece uses three botanical prints hung at varying heights. The Pewter cup hooks have become a feature in themselves with their ornamental twist highlighted against the brick wall. These hooks can also be used to display a variety of other wares such as cups, utensils, and saucepans as shown below.

Series of images showing From The Anvil's Beeswax & Pewter cup hooks used to hang an assortment of items including teacups, art prints, and saucepans.

Above: From The Anvil's Beeswax & Pewter cup hooks used to hang an assortment of wares including teacups, botanical art prints, and saucepans.


Hooks are one of the most versatile pieces of hardware available and have many applications throughout the home. For example, From The Anvil's Celtic Single Robe hooks are designed for hanging dressing gowns, but are also the perfect size for use as curtain tiebacks. Properties with limited wall space around their windows may struggle using traditional tie backs due to their width, but the compact size of From The Anvil's robe hooks are suited to even the narrowest walls. See below how these hooks can be used to tidy a pair of curtains.

From The Anvil's Black Celtic Single Robe hook used to hang a curtain tieback, next to three product images of the same hook in Brass, Chrome, and Black finishes.

Above: From The Anvil's Black Celtic Single robe hook used as a curtain tie back, and the same hook showed in Black, Aged Brass, and Polished Chrome finishes.


Another way to add interest to your hooks is by grouping them, or fitting them to a decorative plaque. Larger hooks, like From The Anvil's Hat & Coat hooks, work best for this purpose, and look particularly effective when contrasted against natural wood. We love how these Pewter Hat & Coat hooks have been hung upon an oak-framed mirror as the rich hues of the Pewter emphasises the natural grain of the wood. Pair with matching ironmongery to complete the look.

From The Anvil's Pewter Hat & Coat hooks hung on the top frame of an oak mirror (left) and hung on a distressed plaque of wood (right)

Above: From The Anvil's Pewter Hat & Coat hooks grouped on wooden plaques.


Another piece of hardware with more potential than people realise is the humble bracket. Aside from being used for shelves, these small brackets are also a creative way to hang handrails within a stairwell. @farrow_and_dale_oak_frames demonstrate below how From The Anvil's Black Handrail brackets can be used to hang a wooden handrail in a narrow hallway.

From The Anvil's Black handrail brackets used to hang an oak handrail in a narrow stairway with striped carpet.

Above: a demonstration of how From The Anvil's Black handrail brackets can be used in a stairway.


Hopefully, from reading this blog, you have some new ideas for how you can use hardware throughout your home.

Thinking outside the box and finding creative ways to use your hardware is a greta way to add individuality to a space, and can make it easier to coordinate styles throughout. 


Discover our full collection of From The Anvil curtain hardware here!

Or head back to our blog for more advice and inspiration.

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