In this guide, we explain how to fit a full length T Bar pull handle to a wooden door using secret fixings.



  • Parts of a Secret Fix T Bar Pull Handle
  • Tools Required
  • How to Fit a Secret Fix T Bar Pull Handle 


Parts of a Secret Fix T Bar Pull Handle

Diagram of a secret fix t bar pull handle with arrows pointing to the washers, grommets, secret fixings, and pull handle.

Tools Required

  • T Bar pull handles
  • Metal washers
  • Grommets
  • M8 bolts
  • Door
  • Pencil
  • Electric drill
  • Tape measure
  • Allen key


How to Fit a Secret Fix T Bar Pull Handle

1. Gather your components

Start by carefully unpacking your T Bars and ensuring you have all the necessary components before you begin.

From The Anvil's Secret Fix T Bar Pull Handles should come equipped with a pull handle, two secret fix bolts, grommets, and metal washers.


White background image of a satin stainless steel t bar pull handle with secret fixings.

2. Choose a position for your handle

You'll need to decide a position for your pull handle on the door. There is no right or wrong here as it depends on personal preference and may vary based on the size, shape, and style of your door. Just make sure the position you choose isn't too close to the edge of the door to ensure the fixings can be fitted securely.

Once you've chosen your approximate position, use a tape measure to measure the distance from the edge of the door. Lightly mark this position with a pencil.


Person using a pen and measuring tape to mark the position of a T bar pull handle on a grey braced door.

3. Mark your handle position

You'll need to mark the position of the screw holes for your upper and lower fixing centres on your door. 

In this guide, our handle is 900mm long and the fixing centres are 700mm apart. So the first mark will be placed directly in line with, but 700mm above or below the second mark. If you're unsure about the distance needed between your fixing centres, you can measure it with a tape measure or check the technical drawing on our website.


Person using a tape measure to measure the distance between two fixing points on a T bar pull handle on a grey panelled door.

4.  Drill your holes

With your screws accurately marked, you're ready to drill your holes. We used a 10mm bit and drilled 22mm into the door to acommodate the grommets. When drilling, ensure your hole is perfectly horizontal as you'll need to insert the bolts into these grommets on the next step.


Person using an electric drill to drill holes in a grey panelled door.

5. Insert your grommets

Place the grommet over your hole in the surface of the door. Insert an 8mm Allen key into the grommet and wind it in a clockwise direction until the grommet is tightened and fits flush with the door.


Person using an Allen key to tighten a grommet into a grey pannelled door.

6. Insert your bolts

Insert the bolt into the grommet and screw it until it no longer moves. Make sure you fit the metal washer against the surface of the door. Remove the rubber washer that comes with the fixings.


7. Tigthen your fixing sleeves

Place the fixing sleeve over the M8 bolt and tighten until it secures the washer against the surface of the door.


8. Prepare your pull handle

Use an Allen key to loosen the grub screw underneath the fixing arm. Then, place the handle onto the exposed fixing sleeve.


9. Fix your handle

With the handle pushed tight against the surface of the door, use the Allen key to secure the grub screw on the groove in the fixing sleeve.

Do not over-tighten, but securely fix; this will hold our product perfectly in place while keeping fixings hidden from view.


At this stage, your T Bar pull handles should be successfully fitted to your door!



If you're unsure about any part of this fitting guide, take a look at our FAQs or get in touch with us for some expert advice on your project!

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