What is a Heavy Duty Tubular Deadbolt?

Dead bolts are a type of lock that is operated solely by a key. While these products don't include a latch, they can be used in conjunction with a separate tubular latch, or as a standalone item.

Most often, a deadbolt is used alongside a rim lock and door knob set on external doors.

All our dead locks are British Standard, meaning they're rated highly enough to be recognised as adequate protection by insurance policies.

Components Explained

Heavy Duty Tubular Deadbolt - specifically designed for use with our thumbturns, this deadbolt can be paired with a knob set and latch to create a functioning door set. Mortised into the door and screw fixed in.

Thumbturn - typically used on a bathroom door to provide privacy. This mechanism allows the door to be locked and unlocked from the inside, but can also be opened via a coin and release thumbturn from the outside during an emergency.

Thumbturn Spindle - all our thumbturns are supplied with a 5mm spindle, either fixed or loose.

Wood Screw Fixings - supplied with matching wood screw fittings.

Receiver Plate - screw fixed to the frame of the door.

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