What are Heavy Duty Sash Locks?

Much like standard sash locks, heavy duty sash locks consist of a latch, operated by a handle, and a lock operated by a key. Sash locks are usually mortised into the door, and are one of the most common lever lock styles for both interior and exterior doors.

The difference between a standard sash lock and a heavy duty sash lock is that a heavy duty sash lock contains a very strong spring which is necessary for returning unsprung lever handles back to their horizontal position.

Exploded diagram of a Black heavy duty sash lock and a Black Monkeytail unsprung lever handle with arrows pointing to different parts of the product and text explaining what they're for.

Components Explained

Unsprung Lever Handles - as the name suggests, our unsprung lever handles do not contain a strong spring. Our unsprung handles should only be used with our heavy duty sash locks which help return the lever to a horizontal position.

Heavy Duty Sash Lock - fitted with a strong spring and designed to be used with any of our unsprung lever handles. Mortised into the door and screw fixed in.

Split Spindle - a standard split spindle for use on doors with a maximum thickness of 44mm. We're also able to provide longer spindles if your door exceeds 44mm thickness - please get in touch to learn more.

Key Locking - all of our sash locks are supplied with 2 or 3 keys and can either be keyed alike or keyed to differ.

Wood Screw Fixings - all of our unsprung lever handles are supplied with matching wood screw fittings.

Receiver Plate - screw fixed to the frame of the door where it houses the latch and lock.

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