Unlacquered Brass is one of From The Anvil's most elegant finishes. In this blog, we take a look at the history of brass, how brass products are made, and how to style Unlacquered Brass hardware in your home. Read on to find out more...


The History of Brass

Much like brass itself, the history of brass is rich and full of depth. Originating in ancient civilisations, historians have found brass artifacts across the world dating back to around 500 BC. It's believed that these brass products were forged accidentally when ironmongers mixed copper and zinc ores during the smelting process.

Brass production was popularised during the Roman Empire, where it was used to create coins, statues, jewellery, and other items of value. Brass has remained a major component of manufacturing throughout the centuries, and in today's world it is used to craft door handles, lamps, musical instruments, and more.


From The Anvil's Unlacquered Brass

From The Anvil has two distinctive Unlacquered Brass finishes: Aged Brass and Polished Brass. Both are forged from a base of solid, unlacquered brass, but undergo slightly different manufacturing techniques to give each their unique appearance.


Moodboard of From The Anvil's Polished Brass hardware including door knocker, drawer pull, cabinet pull, window hardware, and pastel coloured tiles and a pink flower.

Above: From The Anvil's Polished Brass hardware including a Doctor's door knocker, Regency drawer pull, Kelso cabinet knob, Monkeytail fastener, and Kahlo pull handle.


Polished Brass

Polished Brass products undergo extensive polishing to create a mesmerising depth of reflection. Polished Brass hardware is bright, reflective, and exudes luxury. Because this finish is unlacquered, it can be polished time and time again to restore its golden shine.


Moodboard of From The Anvil's Polished Brass door handles, window hardware and door knobs on green and neutral tiles with a lavender flower.
Above: From The Anvil's Polished Brass hardware including an Avon fastener, Prestbury cabinet knob, Beehive knob set, and Newbury lever door handle.


Aged Brass

From The Anvil's Aged Brass products are subject to an accelerated ageing process which adds character and charm to their appearance. A dark patina develops around the edges and detailed parts of the surface, whereas the smoother surfaces remain light and polished. This creates a beautiful contrast which sits wonderfully in Period properties. Over time, this finish will continue to age and naturally darken. Much like Polished Brass, it can be repolished to restore its original shine.


How to Style Brass Hardware

Historically, Brass hardware is associated with grand, stately homes. It's a symbol of wealth and opulence, instantly adding value to any room. Both Aged Brass and Polished Brass look wonderful with rich, deep tones including greens, reds, blues, orange, and greys. 


From The Anvil's Aged Brass Hammered cabinet knob & drawer pull on navy blue cabinets with a white marble countertop, steel sink, and blue pots with pink flowers.

Above: From The Anvil's Aged Brass Hammered Mushroom cabinet knobs & Art Deco drawer pull.


For a traditional look, pair your Brass hardware with marble, dark wood, or hand painted tiles. Alternatively, embrace Brass hardware in a contemporary space complemented by soothing pastels, natural wood, and floral fabrics. Pair with Smooth Brass pendant lights and matching Flora plant pots for a final flourish that truly ties the space together.


From The Anvil's Aged Brass Hammered Mushroom cabinet knob on a patterned wood nightstand against a green wall with a white bed, and a green plant on top.

Above: From The Anvil's Aged Brass Hammered Mushroom cabinet knob in an earthy-toned interior.

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