Beeswax is an incredibly popular finish in many rustic, cottage, and traditional properties. While Beeswax itself is unsuitable for use outdoors or in other damp environments (like bathrooms and kitchens), From The Anvil have developed their own exclusive range of External Beeswax products which can be used in a variety of settings.


Moodboard of From The Anvil's External Beeswax hardware including Ring door knocker, Pyramid stud, letter plate, door knobs and escutcheon.

Above: a moodboard featuring From The Anvil's External Beeswax Penny End T hinge, Avon lever lock set, Ring door knockers, escutcheons & Round knob set.


How are External Beeswax products made?

From The Anvil's External Beeswax products are forged from solid steel and coated in a thick, protective layer of anti-corrosive beeswax. This beeswax has been meticulously trialled and tested to offer excellent protection against the elements, meaning that External Beeswax products can be used both inside and out.


A quaint cottage kitchen with From The Anvil's External Beeswax cabinet knob handles

Above: a cottage kitchen with External Beeswax Ringed cabinet knobs and handles.


How to style External Beeswax products

From The Anvil's External Beeswax products have a subtle matt richness which gives them a truly timeless feel. Thanks to the forging process through which these products are created, they have a wealth of colour beneath their surface, ranging from blue to deep red ochre, which makes them well suited to a range of aesthetics. 

External Beeswax hardware is a popular choice in rustic and countryside properties where it is often paired with natural timber and slate. For a more contemporary twist, try introducing External Beeswax onto painted wood surfaces, such as a pastel pink door or sage green kitchen cupboards. Despite the name, External Beeswax products are not just for exterior use. Create consistency by using External Beeswax hardware both inside and outside your property, instantly elevating the look.

External Beeswax hardware works wonderfully with floral prints, such as on cushions, curtains, and wallpaper, and pairs well with shades with warm undertones to create that cosy cottage feel.


A charming country cottage interior with wood ledge and braced doors with External Beeswax T hinges and thumblatch, next to a grey painted cupboard.

Above: a country cottage with wooden ledge and brace doors fitted with From The Anvil's External Beeswax Arrow Head T hinges and matching Gothic thumblatch.


How to maintain External Beeswax products

External Beeswax products are relatively low maintenance, but a couple of simple steps can keep them looking their best for longer. We recommend occasionally coating your External Beeswax hardware with From The Anvil's Maintenance Wax (33002) with a soft cloth or brush to provide an additional layer of protection.

For all products with moving parts, such as a lever handle or ring turn, we advise regularly oiling these moving parts with From The Anvil's 3-in-1 Oil (92337). This ensures your product will continue working correctly for years to come.


Discover our full collection of From The Anvil's External Beeswax products, or head back to our blog to learn about more finishes.


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