While often overlooked, ironmongery is an incredibly important part of any property. Though the majority of people see it as a mere afterthought, the right ironmongery can instantly elevate the look, feel, and functionality of a space.


The Importance of Ironmongery

Ironmongery is essential and, when chosen correctly, is capable of enhancing any property. Too often, ironmongery choices are left until the last minute, leading to rushed decisions and a lack of coordination throughout a property.

To create an interior that exudes luxury, allocate plenty of time to choose your finishings during the early stages of your project and select high-quality pieces where possible.

Many people don't realise that they can order their doors, windows, and cabinets without the standard ironmongery attached, leaving you to choose more aesthetically pleasing hardware instead. Simply ask your joiner to fit your desired ironmongery, or if you have the technical skills, fit it yourself with the help of our Fitting Guides.

Exterior Ironmongery

The front door is the first thing people see when they approach a property and can leave a long-lasting impression of your home. When choosing exterior ironmongery, it's important to optimise aesthetics and security.

The product finish can have a large influence on both of these factors. Some materials are better suited to external use than others. From The Anvil offers a large selection of finishes suitable for use outside and in damp conditions, including all their Black, Pewter, Brass, and Bronze finishes. Furthermore, From The Anvil offer their unique Marine Stainless Steel finishes which have been designed specifically to survive in harsh external environments, including heavily polluted cities and high-salinity coastal areas. 

Once you've settled on a finish, you can select a handle for your door. Mortice knobs are the most traditional choice, working well in period properties, with From The Anvil's Oval and Ball knob sets as popular examples. 

Blue front door with From The Anvil's Oval mortice door knob set
Above; From The Anvil's Black Oval mortice/rim door knob set.

Door levers are a more modern advancement and may be easier to use for those with restricted hand motion who struggle to turn a door knob. The Avon collection is a wonderful example, with a sleek and ergonomic design that suits a variety of interiors.

For doors with lever on rose handles or door knobs, an escutcheon is a great way to refine the keyhole and preserve the lifespan of your locks. 

Be bold and add a statement knocker to instantly elevate the appearance of your front door. Consider the Loop door knocker whose elegant curves will complement many styles of door.

To complete your front door suite, opt for a letter plate in a matching finish.


Interior Ironmongery

The interior of your home should be thought about just as thoroughly as the exterior - this means selecting high-quality ironmongery that not only looks good but is also functional and long-lasting.

Often, interior designers will coordinate ironmongery throughout a property, selecting the same styles and finishes for both the interior and exterior to create a sense of harmony. 

This can involve coordinating door hardware with matching window and cabinet hardware. A great example of this is the Regency collection which is available across door handles, window stays, espags., escutcheons, cabinet knobs, drawer pulls and more.

Grey kitchen with From The Anvil's pewter Regency hardware
Above: a neutral kitchen featuring From The Anvil's Pewter Regency collection including pull handles, drawer pulls, cabinet knobs, and window espag.


If you have an older property, you may be lucky enough to have sash windows. In this instance, you'll need suitable sash window hardware which you can select in a matching finish to your existing hardware.

Changing your cabinet hardware is a great way to instantly update your space without having to change your furniture. We have many guides available on our website which explain how to do this with ease.

From The Anvil's Hammered Mushroom cabinet knobs will add intrigue to any interior, with a distinctive textured surface that can only be achieved with hand-hammering by skilled artisans. Art Deco drawer pulls are a more understated alternative, ideal for contemporary kitchens like the one below.

Navy blue kitchen with From The Anvil's Polished Nickel Art Deco drawer pulls and cabinet knobs
Above: From The Anvil's Polished Chrome Art Deco drawer pulls and matching Prestbury cabinet knobs.

For a truly high-end feel, coordinate your cabinet furniture and accessories with our matching curtain poles, door stops, hooks, and more; your guests are bound to appreciate your exceptional attention to detail!

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