Characterised by its sleek and stylish shape, From The Anvil's Brompton Suite is one of their most contemporary designs to date. Following it's initial launch in 2021, this collection was so popular with customers that it's been expanded to include a more extensive set of products.


From The Anvil's Polished Stainless Steel Brompton knurled slimline lever espagnolette door handle on a grey door frame, with two benches and some bushes visible through the glass door.

Above: From The Anvil's Polished Marine Stainless Steel Brompton Slimline lever espag. lock set.


What is the Brompton Collection?

The Brompton Collection is a selection of knurled hardware, handmade by From The Anvil. It includes door knockers, sash window hardware, cabinet knobs, lever door handles, pull handles, and more. You can discover the entire Brompton Collection here.


From The Anvil's Matt Black Brompton knurled cabinet knob on a painted unit against a pale pink wall, with a decorative vase on top and a wooden ladder to the left.

Above: From The Anvil's Matt Black Brompton cabinet knob.


How is Knurled Hardware Made?

All of From The Anvil's hardware is hand forged by their expert Blacksmiths. The Brompton Collection utilises the same quality materials and traditonal manufacturing techniques as existing collections to create products that will last a lifetime. 

Each Brompton product is heated to high temperatures and forged into shape on an anvil. Once cooled, the feature part of the product is rolled with a lathe to create an intricate cross-hatching on the surface. It's this pattern that gives the Brompton Collection its dynamic and futuristic edge.


Three images of a brass door handle being manufactured on a lathe. The door handle starts off smooth in the first image, is in the process of lathing to create knurling in the second image, and is being buffed in the third image.

Above: the manufacturing process of From The Anvil's Brompton Collection. You can see the brass undergoing the lathing process (image 1 & 2) before being buffed (image 3).


The Inspiration Behind the Brompton Collection

The Brompton Collection is inspired by the Industrial Revolution of 18th century Britain. A period in time where change was prevalent and efficiency was paramount. To honour this era, the Brompton Collection puts users first, offering a surface that is both tactile to grip and pleasing to look at.

Despite the subtle influence of minimalism on this design, the Brompton Collection is a far cry from plain. Each etched diamond works together in harmony, adding intrigue to any space.


A black-background moodboard of From The Anvil's Brompton knurled pull handle, door knob, door knocker, and sash window hardware positioned on slabs of wood, slate, tile, and stone.

Above: From The Anvil's Brompton Collection of knurled hardware in various finishes against a range of different materials.


A fantastic option for any property type, you can learn How to Style The Brompton Collection in our most recent blog post.


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