Why Should You Replace Your uPVC Window Handles?

uPVC windows are used across the globe because they're cost effective, won't warp in adverse conditions, and help to keep the heat in. Usually, uPVC windows are fitted with cheap, plastic handles, but they can be instantly elevated with high-quality hardware. Simply ask your window fitter to install your windows with window handles of your choice, or source your windows without hardware and source your own ironmongery later.

And even if your windows have already been fitted, it's incredibly easy to update your window hardware yourself!

Take a look at the difference in this window once we replaced those basic white handles with From The Anvil's Aged Bronze Newbury espag. handles...

White uPVC window with basic white window handles and a grey blind, with a radio on the windowsill.

Above: before, Below: after, featuring From The Anvil's Aged Bronze Newbury window espag. handles.

White uPVC window with From The Anvil's Aged Bronze window handles, a grey blind, a radio on the windowsill, and a vase with flowers.


How to Replace uPVC Window Handles

We've created this video which explains exactly how you can replace your uPVC window handles for something more fitting with your interior.


Discover our full collection of From The Anvil window hardware here.

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