As the leaves fall and the nights get colder, you probably want to make your home that little bit cosier. We're here to help you do just that, with From The Anvil's carefully crafted collection of boot racks, fireside companion sets, and log holders.


Black log burner with a blazing fire in a brick fireplace surrounded by an ornate wooden mantle, with a Black Spiral companion set and Matt Black Arc From The Anvil log holder filled with logs

Above: From The Anvil's Matt Black Spiral companion set with Hinton tools, paired with a large Matt Black Arc log holder.


Boot Racks

Instead of leaving wet and muddy Wellington boots outdoors or cluttering your hallway, consider using a boot rack to organise your space. Elevating your boots above the ground in an upside-down position is a great way to enable airflow for continual freshness to your shoes. Crafted with precision, each From The Anvil boot rack features Hammered Ball finials, meticulously shaped by skilled artisans. These finials flawlessly complement our selection of From The Anvil Hammered ironmongery for complete coordination throughout your home. Choose from a small boot rack, accommodating four pairs of shoes, or a larger size, which holds six pairs. Both sizes are available in classic Pewter and Matt Black finishes.


A From The Anvil Pewter boot rack with  pair of wellies on it against a red brick wall, outside a panelled wooden door with a Black From The Anvil door knob.

Above: From The Anvil's Pewter boot rack.


Fireside Companion Sets

When it's cold outside, there's no better feeling than settling into a warm home in the embrace of a crackling fire. Keep your fire burning bright all night long with one of From The Anvil's exquisite fireside companion sets which includes a poker, tongs, shovel, and brush; all the essentials needed for proper fire upkeep.

 Much akin to the craftsmanship seen in their boot racks, From The Anvil's companion sets are meticulously forged from mild steel, creating a product that's both sturdy and hardwearing. The Spiral companion set features a circular base which extends upwards in a delicate curve. This set is ideal for Period properties, particularly when selected with Hinton tools, inspired by traditional Georgian designs.

For those leaning towards a more contemporary aesthetic, the Arc companion set is the go-to choice. With its curved arm and lengthy, sleek base, this design is best complemented by a Pewter finish which perfectly accentuates the distinctive twist along the length of the Avon tool set.


From The Anvil's Pewter Arc companion set with tongs, brush, poker, and shovel, placed in front of a stone fireplace with a black log burner (unlit).

Above: From The Anvil's Arc Pewter companion set.


Log Holders

 When it's snowing outside, the last thing on your mind should be venturing out into the cold to fetch more firewood. That's why From The Anvil created their stunning assortment of log holders to allow you to keep a convenient supply of firewood close at hand. A seamless fusion of function and aesthetics.

From The Anvil's Curved log holders have a rounded shape which makes them feel playful and modern, whereas their Rectangular log holders utilise clean, parallel lines and are topped with Hammered Ball finials for a more traditional look.

Both styles of log holders have an open design, enabling continuous airflow to your logs, helping them stay dry and damp free.


From The Anvil's Pewter log holder filled with logs, and their Pewter Spiral companion set next to an ornate fireplace with a lit log burner, and a picture frame above the mantle piece.

Above: From The Anvil's Pewter Rectangular large log holder and matching Spiral companion set with Avon tools.


Adding fireside accessories to your home is a great way to add charm and functionality to your home. Discover From The Anvil's full collection of fireside products here.

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