Did you know there's more than one way to use your hardware? In this blog, we'll explore a few of our favourite alternative uses for curtain poles, pull handles, and more...

Our first suggestion involves repurposing curtain poles. Traditionally used to hang curtains, why not convert your windowsill into an indoor-greenhouse by using them to support your potted plants? This creates a display that's beautiful and functional, as it reduces surface clutter and ensures your plants have a bright, sunny spot to thrive. From The Anvil's curtain poles are an excellent choice here as they're forged from solid steel, giving them the strength to support a plethora of plants. We recommend using macrame hangers or sturdy S hooks to keep your plants secured in place. Complete the look using Leaf curtain finials in a matching finish to your pole, like this Beeswax example below...


From The Anvil's Beeswax curtain pole & Leaf finial hung over a window (left) and a door frame (right) with a potted spiderplant hanging from a macrame rope hanger.

Above: From The Anvil's Beeswax curtain pole and matching Leaf finial being used as a plant display.


Finials are another great example of a product with alternative uses. While they look fetching at the end of a curtain pole, many people don't realise that they can also be fitted to From The Anvil's pull handles. This enables you to substitute the standard pull handle for something more unique and fitting with your existing hardware. For example, From The Anvil's Hammered Ball curtain finials could be used on both your curtain poles and pull handles, and coordinated with their Hammered Mushroom cabinet knobs for a cohesive feel.


From The Anvil's Black door pull handles on a wooden door (left) and the same handles fitted with Black Hammered Ball curtain finials (right).

Above: From The Anvil's Black pull handle (left) and Black pull handle fitted with a Black Hammered Ball curtain finial (right).


These large pull handles work well on tall, modern doors, but that's not the only way to use them. If rotated horizontally, these pull handles can be incredibly useful in kitchens and bathrooms where smaller handles can serve as dishcloth holders, and larger handles can act as towel rails. From The Anvil's T bar range is well suited for this purpose, not only due to their sleek and contemporary appearance, but also because they're forged from stainless steel, offering unrivalled corrosion resistance in damp environments. And, with the choice of Matt Black, Polished Stainless Steel, or Satin Stainless Steel, you're sure to find a solution that complements your interior.


From The Anvil's Stainless Steel T bar pull handle attached horizontally to a beige wall where it's acting as a towel rail for a white towel, with a green monstera plant in the foreground.

Above: From The Anvil's Satin Marine Stainless Steel T bar pull handle.


Sometimes, the simplest ideas are the best, like how these From The Anvil Cup hooks have been reimagined to create a gallery wall, and a focal piece in a rustic kitchen. Instead of trying to conceal your hardware, these Cup hooks are a wonderful way to turn it into a feature, enhancing the design. The possibilities of these simple hooks are endless; you could display hats, jewellery, ornaments, and more.


Left: blue & white tea cups hanging from pewter cup hooks on a wooden beam. Middle: 3 botanical art prints hanging from cup hooks on a brick wall. Right: copper pots and pans hanging from pewter cup hooks on a plinth of wood against a cream wall.

Above: From The Anvil's Beeswax and Pewter Cup hooks.


Cup hooks aren't the only accessory that offer this type of flexibility. From The Anvil's Celtic Robe hooks are equally multi-functional, for example, when serving as curtain tiebacks. Smaller properties with limited wall space beside their windows may struggle finding room to fit traditional curtain tiebacks, so these Robe hooks are a clever fix. 


From The Anvil's Black Robe hooks being used as a curtain tieback for a pair of patterned curtains against a neutral wall.

Above: From The Anvil's Black Celtic single robe hook being used as a curtain tieback.


Alternatively, if your home has plenty of space, consider using hooks as a decorative feature. Try creating intrigue with a selection of hooks fitted to a rustic beam of wood. This is a simple yet functional storage solution for hallways, porches, and boot rooms. From The Anvil's Pewter Hat & Coat hooks work well for this purpose as they off two hooks in one, each with an ornate detailing on the tip. Or, opt for Beeswax to create a Cottage Charm feel.


From The Anvil's Pewter Hat & Coat Hooks hung at the top of an oak framed mirror (left) and 5 of the same hooks hung on a rustic wooden plaque with 2 coats hanging off, behind a wooden railing (right).

Above: From The Anvil's Pewter Hat & Coat hooks displayed on decorative wooden plaques.


Shelf brackets are an often overlooked piece of hardware which are capable of so much more than they're given credit for. One of our favourite uses is in the staircase, where shelf brackets can be used as an aesthetic way to secure a handrail in place. From The Anvil's Black handrail brackets are a great choice for this, as demonstrated by @farrow_and_dale_oak_frame below...


 From The Anvil's Black handrail brackets supporting a wooden handrail in a narrow stairway with striped carpet stairs

Above: From The Anvil's Black handrail brackets being used to support a wooden handrail.


 We hope we've given you some creative and out-of-the-box ideas to inspire your interior design! 

If you'd like to try these ideas in your own home, explore our range of From The Anvil hardware, or visit our Gallery for more inspiration!

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