Matt Black hardware is an excellent choice for those wanting products that are both stylish and hardwearing.

We've come up with three completely unique ways you can style your Matt Black products in your home.


1. Clean & Calm

Our first Matt Black interior styling is simple and elegant. From The Anvil's Matt Black Brompton door and window hardware has been paired with various shades of pink, Farrow& Ball's Inchyra Blue, and some tasteful marble tiles. The Matt Black hardware shines through as the star of the show, highlighting the intricated knurled pattern and adding intrigue to the scheme.


A moodboard of From The Anvil's Matt Black knurled door handle, window fastener, window stay & rim pull, with navy & pink paint samples and white marble tiles.

Above: From The Anvil's knurled Brompton collection of window and door hardware with a Matt Black rim pull against a navy blue and pink colour scheme.


2. Bright & Bold

Our second Matt Black look is designed with drama. With a dark, moody black as the primary colour for walls, woodwork, and cabinetry, Matt Black hardware blends seamlessly into this aesthetic. White marble or concrete can be used to add contrast, heightened by bright accents of colour like Little Greene's Marigold yellow and natural green plants. If you're a lover of the bold and beautiful, then this look is for you!


A moodboard of From The Anvil's Matt Black window stay, rim pull, and escutcheon with black, yellow and green accent colours.

 Above: From The Anvil's Brompton window stayBrompton espag., and rim cylinder pull in Matt Black, highlighted by Little Greene's Marigold.


3. Contemporary Chic

Look number three has a modern feel to it, owing to pale pastels and organic materials. We've selected Little Greene's Aquamarine, a soft, peaceful shade of blue, and paired it with Matt Black hardware and Little Greene's Matt Black. These tones are complemented by neutral features like white stone and tiles, against which the dark ironmongery really pops!


A moodboard of From The Anvil's Matt Black hardware against Little Greene's pale blue and black paints and white marble slabs.

Above: From The Anvil's Matt Black Hammered Newbury lever door handle, rim cylinder pull, and Brompton espags.


4. Industrial Paradise

Our fourth and final look blends modern day living with an almost industrial aesthetic. This monochromatic design uses tones of grey and various textures, including marble, granite, and stained wood. This has been paired with simplistic Matt Black hardware, including From The Anvil's Albers pull handles and T-bars, which enhances the look without overpowering.


Grey moodboard with From The Anvil's Matt Black T Bar pull handles, cabinet handles, and cabinet pull handles with grey marble, a silver nutcracker, nuts, and a small black bowl.

Above: a monochromatic moodboard featuring From The Anvil's Matt Black modern cabinet furniture, including an Albers T-bar, Albers pull handle, Judd T-bar, and Kelso pull handle.


We hope this blog has given you some ideas of how to style Matt Black hardware in your home!


Discover our full collection of Matt Black products, or learn about more finishes in our other blogs.

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