The bathroom is an essential room in every property. For most of us, it's the first room we visit in the morning, so it needs to be a space which is both practical and visually inspiring. 

One aspect of bathroom design which is often overlooked is the sink. Many people don't realise that they don't have to settle for a white ceramic sink and there are lots of great alternatives that can be used to add interest to a space.

We love From The Anvil's collection of metal sinks which can be used to bring an organic look to your lavatory.


From The Anvil's Smooth Brass Round sink on a wooden countertop, chrome tap, and assorted glass jars in the back and a green plant trailing down above it.

Above: From The Anvil's Smooth Brass Round sink.


Nickel Sinks

While Stainless Steel sinks are a common choice in commercial environments, Smooth Nickel offers a much more luxurious appearance for residential properties. Its yellow undertones offer a subtle warmth which works well in intimate spaces like bathrooms and washrooms.

Nickel can be paired with soft and bold colours alike, contrasting especially well with shades of blue and grey. Smooth Nickel sinks are beautifully reflective, shining fractals of light across a room and instantly illuminating it.

Pair with Polished Nickel hardware, like From The Anvil's Hinton bathroom lever set for a cohesive look, or opt for a contrasting finish, like Aged Bronze to create a layer of intrigue.


From The Anvil Hammered Nickel sink laid on a marble surface with patterned tiles, paint swatches, and cabinet knobs in a moodboard.

Above: From The Anvil's Hammered Nickel Round sink paired with a Polished Nickel Mushroom cabinet knob, and Matt Black Scully cabinet knob.


Copper Sinks

Copper is an increasingly popular choice in bathrooms, and for obvious reasons. With its warm undertones and rich appearance, Smooth Copper adds a sense of grandeur to any space, particularly when paired with matching copper taps. Or, for a more contemporary look, opt for Matt Black taps with matching hardware, accented with white marble or quartz. Copper sinks also look wonderful in farmhouses and cottages when paired with exposed oak and painted timber.

Another aspect to consider is the shape of your sink. Most standard sinks are oval shaped for simple cleaning and ease of use, but if you have a large bathroom or tall cabinetry, a round sink is an attractive alternative. Both offer a sense of symmetry and feature gentle curves which soften a space, but From The Anvil's Round sinks are deeper than their Oval counterparts which some users find preferable.


From The Anvil's Hammered Copper Round sink on a moodboard with assorted tiles and cabinet knobs

Above: From The Anvil's Hammered Copper Round sink with a Matt Black Scully cabinet knob, Aged Bronze Mushroom cabinet knob, and Aged Brass Judd cabinet knob.


Brass Sinks

Brass is a beautiful metal, full of warmth and character. With a wealth of reflection, From The Anvil's Smooth and Hammered Brass sinks work well with painted finishes and creates a stunning contrast against dark colours like teal, slate grey, black, and navy. Brass sinks lend themselves well to matt materials like unwaxed wood, stone, and terracotta.


 From The Anvil's Hammered Brass Round sink on a moodboard with assorted tiles, paint swatches, and From The Anvil cabinet knobs.

Above: From The Anvil's Hammered Brass sink with an Aged Brass Hammered Mushroom cabinet knob, Aged Bronze Judd cabinet knob, and Matt Black Scully cabinet knob.


Styling Sinks

Much like your shower and hardware, your sink should be considered during the first stages of your design. This gives you plenty of time to find a style you like and plan your bathroom accordingly. 

A great interior design tip is to coordinate your bathroom sink with your pendant lighting. For example, a Smooth Copper sink can be paired with a Smooth Copper pendant painted in the same colour as accents in your bathroom for a glamorous feel. 


From The Anvil's Smooth Copper brindley pendant light hung over a copper bath in front of a large aluminium window, next to a small potted tree.

Above: From The Anvil's Smooth Copper Brindley pendant light hung over a copper bath.


Alternatively, if you have a Hammered Nickel sink, try incorporating a Hammered Nickel pendant light into your space. From The Anvil's Harborne pendants work well with Oval sinks, whereas their Brindley or Hockley pendant lights are a great choice for Round sinks.


From The Anvil's Hammered Nickel sink on a white countertop on a navy blue cabinet with a Polished Nickel cabinet knob, next to a wooden stool with a potted plant on, and a painted door in the foreground with a Polished Nickel door handle.

Above: From The Anvil's Hammered Nickel Oval sink paired with their Polished Nickel Mushroom cabinet knob & Hammered Newbury lever door handle, and Satin Marine Stainless Steel Newlyn plant pot.


While many people look for sinks that match their faucets, many interior designers recommend choosing sinks that match your hardware instead. This way, your hardware blends seamlessly throughout your space while highlighting your sink as a focal point. 

If you're looking for a simple way to elevate your bathroom, a metal sink is for you! Discover From The Anvil's full collection of sinks here.

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