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Our range of Black door closers provide a functional solution in many commercial and public building where extra protection against fire and drafts is required.

  • Equipped with a two valve mechanism to allow for independent adjustment of closing and latching speeds.
  • Supplied with matching SS wood screws.
finish Size 3 Door Closer | From The Anvil
Our Black finish is a popular choice in traditional settings, it has a subtle sheen and offers a bold contrast on both stained and painted timber alike. It is baked in a high-temperature oven giving it durable corrosion resistant properties. This finish is extremely low maintenance and perfect for use in bathrooms, kitchens or externally where damper environmental conditions are expected.
Care & Maintenance
Regular oiling of all moving parts using our ‘3-in-1 Oil’ (92337) is beneficial to the longevity of your products. This process is also highly recommended during initial installation. An oily cloth can also be used to wipe over the product from time to time to aid protection against exterior or environmental elements. This can also be done from installation. For any minor scratches that may occur with general wear and tear of your product, we offer a durable ‘Black Touch Up Paint’ (73101) if required.
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