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Our collection of sash furniture is available in various finishes designed to flawlessly match the rest of our products.

  • Designed to fit to the frame/box and restrict movement of the sash window.
  • Ideal for adding extra security to upper floors, particularly for homes with children, these lockable stops are insurance compliant.
  • Sold in sets of four (enough for two windows if not used in a night-vent configuration).
  • If night-venting is required, the third and fourth stops should be fitted 100mm above the first and second to restrict full opening of the window.
  • The secure stop is non-load bearing and therefore is not subject to the requirements of BS EN 14351-1.
  • Supplied with matching SS wood screws.
finish Secure Stops (Pack of 4) | From The Anvil
Our Aged Brass finish is intentionally tarnished using an accelerated ageing process that causes a dark patina to gather around the edges and recesses of the design. This rich colour offers a beautiful contrast against the repolished surface areas, offering an abundance of charm and character perfect for any period dwelling.
Care & Maintenance
This finish will continue to oxidise and age as it is an unlacquered finish, meaning the finish will darken over time. If the product becomes tarnished or too dark, it can be polished on all surface areas to enhance the finish. To restore and brighten the finish, we recommend polishing with a dry cloth or alternatively using our ‘Brasso’ (73102), which assists with the cleaning of solid brass products. Regular oiling of all moving parts using our ‘3-in-1 Oil’ (92337) is beneficial to the longevity of your products & highly recommended during initial installation. An oily cloth can also be used to wipe over the product from time to time to aid protection against exterior or environmental elements.
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