Satin Brass


About Satin Brass

From The Anvil's Satin Brass products are forged from solid brass. During the final stages of manufacturing, each product is brushed with a satin wheel to create their distinctive appearance and then coated with a high-quality matt lacquer to protect the warm colour of this finish. Satin Brass brings a sense of sophistication and offers a more contemporary alternative to Polished Brass. The rich, warm undertones of this finish exude luxury and are sure to create a statement in any space.

From The Anvil's Satin Brass products are best complemented by lighter shades such as pastel blue, pink, and grey, and work well with sleek materials like marble and quartz.

Caring for Satin Brass

We advise against using harsh chemicals or cleaning products on Satin Brass as they may affect the lacquer. 

Satin Brass products should be cleaned regularly with a soft cloth and wiped over with a wax-based furniture polish. This would ideally be beeswax (but products like “Pledge” and “Mr Sheen” work well too) and will help to remove dirt, fingerprints and watermarks.

Also, regular cleaning with the aforementioned furniture polishes will help preserve and maintain the lacquer. Regular oiling of all moving parts using From The Anvil's “3-in-1 Oil” (92337) is beneficial to the longevity of your products and is highly recommended during initial installation.