Polished Brass


About Polished Brass

Made from solid unlacquered brass, this finish is both classic and simplistic and offers great possibilities for stately and period dwellings alike, particularly where a very traditional look is desired. When fully polished this finish has a depth of reflection. However, as the product is unlacquered this can also be left to age naturally, which over time will create a beautifully historic finish. As our brass is unlacquered, it will naturally age through oxidisation, giving the product added character. 

Our Polished Brass products are best complemented by bold colours such as oranges, deep reds and greys and look especially effective against matt surfaces.

Caring for Polished Brass

However, if desired this finish can be maintained to a bright ‘polished’ finish with periodic polishing. To achieve this, please use a dry cloth or alternatively our ‘Brasso’ (73102) can be used to assist with the cleaning of solid brass products.

Regular oiling of all moving parts using our ‘3-in-1 Oil’(92337)is beneficial to the longevity of your products. This process is also highly recommended during initial installation. An oily cloth can also be used to wipe over the product from time to time to aid protection against exterior or environmental elements.