Lacquered Brass


About Lacquered Brass

From The Anvil's Lacquered Brass products are formed from a solid brass base material with a quality lacquer applied to its surface.  This finish is designed to avoid discolouration and oxidisation, making it a great choice if low maintenance is desired.  We recommend avoiding the use of any chemicals or cleaning products on this finish to prevent a break-down of the lacquered top-coat. 

From The Anvil's Lacquered Brass products are best complemented by a painted finish, contrasting brilliantly with both light and dark colours.

Caring for Lacquered Brass

Regular oiling of all moving parts using From The Anvil's ‘3-in-1 Oil’ (92337) is beneficial to the longevity of your products.

This process is highly recommended during initial installation.

From The Anvil's ‘Maintenance Wax’ (33002) should also be wiped over the product from time to time to form a protective barrier, particularly if the intended use is external or in a porch, bathroom or kitchen.