External Beeswax


About External Beeswax

Our External Beeswax is unique to From the Anvil and is manufactured from an anti-corrosive Beeswax. It has a matt richness and like our standard Beeswax, the depth of colour ranges from blue to deep red ochre. An extremely natural finish and a far softer alternative to a Black powder coated finish.

Much like our classic Beeswax finish, our External Beeswax products suit both pale and bold colour schemes, working particularly well with natural materials.

Caring for External Beeswax

Although the finish already offers a very strong barrier against environmental conditions, we recommend re-applying a small amount of our 'Maintenance Wax’ (33002) periodically with a cloth or brush which provides additional protection to the surface of your product and further protects this from any harmful external elements.  Regular oiling of all moving parts using our ‘3-in-1 Oil’ (92337) is beneficial to the longevity of products. This process is also highly recommended during initial installation. For accompanying internal products, we recommend our Beeswax finish.