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Round Thumbturn Set | From The Anvil
From £31.06
Aged BrassAged BronzeBeeswaxBlackExternal BeeswaxMatt BlackPewter PatinaPolished BrassPolished BronzePolished ChromePolished Marine SS (316)Polished NickelSatin BrassSatin ChromeSatin Marine SS (316)+ 12 more
Diamond Bathroom Thumbturn | From The Anvil
From £39.22
BeeswaxBlackExternal BeeswaxPewter Patina+ 1 more
Art Deco Thumbturn | From The Anvil
From £78.64
Aged BrassAged BronzePolished BrassPolished BronzePolished ChromePolished Nickel+ 3 more
What’s a thumbturn and how does it work?

Thumbturns are a type of lock most commonly used on bathroom doors. From the inside, turning the thumbturn operates the lock, but from in an emergency they can be opened from the outside by turning a coin in the horizontal slot. Thumbturns can be purchased separately for use with a door knob, or as part of a fixed element on our Bathroom Lever Handles.

What hardware can I use with a thumbturn?

Thumbturns are usually used to operate a deadlock or bathroom lock. This can be combined with a latch and either a door knob or lever on rose door handle.

How can I unlock a thumbturn during an emergency?

What should you do if your child locks themselves in the bathroom and can't get out?

Firstly, don't panic! All our thumbturns are fitted with emergency coin and release slots. All you need to do is find a coin (or similar slot-shaped item), insert it into the slot, and turn to unbolt the door.

Thanks to this feature, your door can be unlocked from both sides so there's no need to worry about children locking themselves in the bathroom.