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Offset Stay Pin | From The Anvil
From £7.91
Aged BrassAged BronzeAntique PewterBlackPewter PatinaPolished BrassPolished ChromePolished Nickel+ 5 more
Cranked Stay Pin | From The Anvil
Aged BrassAged BronzeAntique PewterBeeswaxBlackPewter PatinaPolished BrassPolished ChromePolished Nickel+ 6 more
Cranked Casement Stay Pin | From The Anvil
From £1.93
Aged BrassBeeswaxBlackPewter PatinaPolished ChromePolished Nickel+ 3 more
EJMA Pin | From The Anvil
Antique PewterBlackPolished BrassPolished Chrome+ 1 more
What does the 8”, 10”, and 12” measurement of your window stays refer to?

The 8”/10”/12” figure assigned to our window stays is usually measured from the fixing plate to the end of the stay. If you need more information about the exact measurement of these items, it’s best to check the technical drawings and dimensions on the individual product page. Also, please note that the majority of our stays are hand-crafted so there may be slight differences with the actual measurements.

Are your window stays lockable?

Yes, our stays can be locked. To do so, you’ll need to purchase a Locking Stay Pin from the “Spares & Accessories” section of our website. You can use this to replace the existing pin and it can then be locked and unlocked using an Allen key.

What does a window stay do?

Window stays attach to the window frame and allow the window to be propped open in various different positions.

When closed, a window stay also adds an extra layer of security to your window.