Multi-Point Locks

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What is a multi-point lock?

A multi-point lock is one which has multiple points of locking along the door/window frame. Typically, a multi-point lock has 3 or 5 points of locking (but this is not always the case). Multi-point locks are one of the most secure types of locks but can be tricky to fit, so leave this to a professional if you can.

Multi-point locks are a modern mechanism which is why they're commonly used on composite doors, but they can absolutely be used on uPVC and timber doors as well.

What hardware can I use with a multi-point lock?

Multi-point locks should be fitted either with an espagnolette lock set or an unsprung lever on rose door handle, in conjunction with a Euro cylinder and escutcheon.

These are the only types of handles which can be used with a multi-point lock because the lever handle must be lifted upwards to engage the lock (and this is not possible with any other types of door handles).

Are multi-point locks secure?

Multi-point locks are among the most secure locking systems. Unlike traditional locks, multi-point locks secure a door/window at multiple points along the frame, protecting your home against intruders.