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Do I need a lock or latch for my door?

If you want a locking door, you'll need to use a lock. Most locking doors will use a latch with a lock (called a sash lock), but you can choose to use a stand-alone deadlock if you don't want a latch.

For non-locking doors, you can use a stand-alone latch called a tubular mortice latch. In most cases, a standard tubular mortice latch will suffice, but if you have an unsprung or a particularly heavy door handle, you'll need to opt for a heavy-duty tubular mortice latch.

What are rim locks and rim latches?

Rim locks and latches are surface-fitted mechanisms used to add security to a door, typically in period properties or on doors that are too thick for an internal locking mechanism.

Rim locks: contain a latch and deadbolt lock which can be unlocked from either side of the door via a key.

Rim latches: also known as bathroom latches. Contain a latch and a small deadbolt operated by a sliding door bolt at the top of the latch rather than a key. This means that the latch can only be operated from one side of the door.

Can I change the knobs on my rim lock?

Absolutely! If you want to change the knobs fitted to your rim lock/latch, let us know and we'll help you find some alternative knobs that will fit your product, in the style and finish of your choice.