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What’s a window espagnolette handle and how is it different from a fastener?

Fasteners work simply via a catch and release mechanism via a mortice plate on the edge of the window frame. Espag. handles are designed to operate an espag. lock which is fitted inside the window frame. Espag. locks are a secure shoot bolt system which operate when the espag. handle is turned, moving the spindle to work the lock. These handles are equipped with a long spindle which can be cut down to the desired length but come in a standard diameter to ensure they’re compatible with standard lock types. It’s important to note that our espag. lever handles are handed so you’ll need to ensure you choose the correct hand. All our espag. handles also come with a locking grub screw underneath the handle which can be locked into place with an Allen key for additional security.

How do window fasteners work?

Both our locking and non-locking fasteners work via a small grub screw within the handle which is tightened into the fixing plate of the handle using an Allen key.

What’s the difference between normal and Night-Venting fasteners?

Normal fasteners allow the window to be locked in an open or closed position and are often used in conjunction with an ‘arm’ stay fixed to the lower frame which allows you to prop the window open without adding any security.

Night-venting fasteners have a pin which protrudes away from the window frame and allows you to lock the window in a slightly open position, so the room can be ventilated without compromising security.