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What type of door handle do I need?

This depends on your requirements.

For internal, non-locking doors, opt for a lever latch.
For bathroom doors, opt for a bathroom lever.
For locking doors, opt for a lever lock or lever euro lock.
For a multipoint locking door, opt for an espag. lever handle.
Door knobs and lever on rose handles can be used on all types of door (except for multipoint locking doors) when fitted with the correct hardware.

Are your door knobs sprung or unsprung?

All our mortice knobs are unsprung because they’re usually used alongside a latch and having a spring in both the door knob and the latch can make the mechanism stiff and hard to use.Because our knobs are unsprung, we recommend only using Heavy-Duty latches with them.

How many hinges do I need on my door?

This mostly depends on the weight of your door. Normally, a single pair (2 hinges in total) will suffice, but if your door is particularly heavy, such as a solid oak door, you can add half a pair of hinges (3 hinges in total) to help support the extra weight. This is true for all hinge types, including butt hinges and T hinges.

If you’re replacing your door, or having a new one fitted, you should talk to your carpenter about how many hinges you’ll need. If you’re still unsure, please contact us for help!