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Countersunk Screws (25) | From The Anvil
BeeswaxBlackPewter PatinaDark Stainless SteelPolished BrassStainless Steel+ 3 more
Countersunk Raised Head Screws (25) | From The Anvil
BlackDark Stainless SteelPolished BrassStainless Steel+ 1 more
Round Head Screws (25) | From The Anvil
BeeswaxBlackDark Stainless SteelPewter PatinaPolished BrassStainless Steel+ 3 more
Screw on Staple | From The Anvil
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BeeswaxBlackPewter PatinaExternal Beeswax+ 1 more
What type of hand-crafted nail do I need?

This depends on your requirements! Our Rosehead nails have a distinctive shape which makes them ideal for fixing floorboards and ledge & brace doors, where the nails can be bent over to hold everything in place. The other types of nails we offer have many uses around the home, from fixing dining tables to hanging coats and hats.

How many nails are in a kilo bag?

This depends entirely on which size nails your purchasing, but you can find the approximate quantity for a specific type by reading the information on its product page. Simply put, the smaller the nails, the more you’ll receive.

Where can I use Rosehead nails?

Rosehead nails are designed to be used in all types of wood. They can easily be nailed into soft woods, but we recommend drilling a pilot hole before using them in hard woods.

Rosehead nails can be used both internally and externally, but please bear in mind that they may stain the surrounding wood in damp environments, and may rust if not properly maintained.