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What type of hinge do I need for my door?

Most modern doors are solid and at least 44m thick, so our standard or ball bearing butt hinges are suitable to use.

Ledge & brace doors are too thin for these hinges, so we recommend using T hinges or strap hinges which accentuate the traditional look of these doors.

H and HL hinges are suitable for all types of door styles and sizes, with HL hinges providing additional strength for extra heavy or damaged doors & shutters.

Parliament hinges can be used to project the door away from its frame upon opening, and Butterfly hinges have an ornate appearance which can be used to add visual interest to a space.

Stormproof hinges are used to give a tight, weatherproof close for external windows.

Friction hinges are suitable for most windows and help hold them in an open or closed position.

You can learn more about a certain type of hinge by reading its product page, but if you’re still unsure about which type you need, feel free to get in touch!

What size hinges do I need for my door?

When fitting an exterior door, or a particularly heavy interior door, we would always recommend at least 4” butt hinges. If the door is likely to get a lot of use over the years, 4” ball bearing butt hinges would be more suitable as their internal mechanisms are more hardwearing.

For ledge & brace doors, the strap part of the T hinge would traditionally reach two thirds of the way across the door width, but our T hinges are exceptionally strong, so as long as they reach at least halfway across the door, they should be able to support its weight.

However, there are some instances, such as a particularly heavy timber door, where you may require a longer T hinge, or may need to add an additional hinge for support (3 hinges in total).

How many hinges do I need for my door?

This mostly depends on the weight of your door. Normally, a single pair (2 hinges in total) will suffice, but if your door is particularly heavy, such as a solid oak door, you can add half a pair of hinges (3 hinges in total) to help support the extra weight. This is true for all hinge types, including butt hinges and T hinges.

If you’re replacing your door, or having a new one fitted, you should talk to your carpenter about how many hinges you’ll need. If you’re still unsure, please contact us for help!