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What type of hinge do I need?

Standard or ball bearing butt hinges are the most common types of hinges. They're plain and subtle, and are suitable for use on most cupboards, doors, and shutters.

T hinges are a decorative alternative which are designed for ledge and brace doors, but due to the wide variety of sizes we offer, can also be used as a stylish option for cabinet doors.
of these doors.

H and HL hinges are suitable for all types of door styles and sizes, with HL hinges providing additional strength for extra heavy or damaged doors & shutters.

Parliament hinges can be used to project a door away from its frame upon opening, and Butterfly hinges have an ornate appearance which can be used to add visual interest to a space.

Stormproof hinges are used to give a tight, weatherproof close for external windows.

Friction hinges are suitable for most windows and help hold them in an open or closed position.

You can learn more about a certain type of hinge by reading its product page, but if you’re still unsure about which type you need, feel free to get in touch!

How many hinges do I need?

This depends on your requirements.

For most cabinets, cupboards, and shutters, one pair (two individual) hinges will be suitable. For heavier doors, windows, cupboards, or shutters, an extra hinge (three in total) can be used to support the extra weight.

If you're unsure, opt for more hinges than you think you need to ensure the door is fitted securely.

Are your hinges sold in pairs?

All our hinges are sold in pairs and with the necessary number of fixing screws.

Unfortunately, we’re unable to split pairs of hinges in half as it creates issues with our stock levels.